Gypsy Released to the World on August 16th! Rave Reviews So Far!

After crossing the USA from West to East to the West again, Eilen is due to release her new album “Gypsy” to the world on August, 16th on Signature Sounds Recordings.

“Gypsy is melodically, instrumentally, and atmospherically engaging, a testament to Eilen Jewell’s consummate craft, her vision as a bandleader, and her continued evolution as an artist.” –No Depression.

Eilen Jewell‘s music itself provides a way for us to sonically amble through the daily grind without being weighed down by it. We can all be gypsies for the length of a song, even when lamenting our restricted existence.” –PopMatters.

“On Gypsy, Eilen Jewell pushes the boundaries of those genres, augmenting her basic touring quartet with guests playing instruments she hasn’t featured in the past. Jewell is credited with electric guitar for the first time on a recording and also adds organ to her resume. Five backing vocalists are listed along with others playing fiddle, pedal steel, horns (sax, trumpet, trombone) and even musical saw.” –American Songwriter Magazine.

“For the life of me I cannot fathom why the “Queen of the Minor Key,” with a slice of honky-tonk on the side, is not a household name. From the get-go on the new album she comes on like a Texas rattlesnake in “Crawl” when she sings: “I want to crawl right out of my skin / Go back in time, cake walk in red fringe.” Others would build up to such a declaration, but Jewell wants to grab you by the lapels of your Rockmount western shirt and shake you all the way down to your Jerry Ryan cowboy boots.” –No Depression.

Eilen’s Favorite Album Yet – Gypsy – Arriving in August 2019

At long last, a new album of Eilen originals is arriving in August, 2019! Eilen is calling this her favorite album yet. New sounds. Old sounds. Electric guitar driven rockers. Classic country. Tender ballads. A Pinto Bennett cover. A protest song. It’s all coming in late summer 2019!

Until then, Eilen and the band will be touring from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic and debuting new songs and new band members. Shows from Boise to Bilbao are in the works for 2019. See you out there!