New Song “Trust” Available Now at Sing Me a Story

Eilen and the guys recorded a new original song for the non-profit organization Sing Me a Story. You can get a download of “Trust” by making a donation. 100% of the proceeds benefit Sing Me a Story and the Wind of Victory organization. Check out the tune and donate here.

Here’s Eilen to give you more info: Recently I was asked to take part in something called Sing Me a Story. It’s a non-profit organization that asks kids in need to write a story about anything they want. The organization then recruits musicians like me to choose a story and put the words of the story to music. Folks can then purchase a download of the song. Half the proceeds go to Sing Me a Story and the other half to the organization with which the child is affiliated (e.g. The Ronald McDonald House, a Children’s Hospital, etc.). And the child receives the joy of having his or her very own song.

When I set out to choose a story, I initially assumed I would be attempting to navigate the territory of a “kid’s song,” which for me would be uncharted, to say the least. Maybe something about a bunny or a cartoon character, set to a bouncy beat and performed with a smile on my face. Anyone who is familiar with my music knows I don’t do this sort of thing and most likely doesn’t want to hear me try. Then I stumbled upon this story, called “Trust”. The story is really more of a prayer, or possibly a short chapter of a memoir. The writer, a 17 year-old from Uganda, is addressing God in a way that I find heartbreaking, endearing, and brutally honest. The reader can infer from this prayer that God and the writer already have a long and complicated history together. The writer wants to start over again, and wants to be forgiven but also wants to forgive. I’m not a religious person, but these words stopped me in my tracks. The idea of a child struggling to come to terms with God’s actions, as well as his or her own, a child who already has so much to bear, who wants so badly to just start over…that’s a lot to take in. An immeasurable amount to grapple with. By putting these thoughts into a song I hope to do at least some little part to help. Maybe anyone who hears the song will think of this young person. Maybe each time the song is played it will be a prayer on his or her behalf. And maybe, just maybe, if prayer works, God and this child can forgive each other and move on towards a better tomorrow.

Treefort Music Fest, California, East Coast/Midwest

Eilen and the band will perform two sets in Boise at Treefort Music Fest on Saturday, March 25th.
After a quick visit to the studio, the tour will head to California for 5 shows. The EJ circus hits the east and midwest later in April into early May. Check out our shows page for more info.

2016 was quite a year for Eilen and the band. They made multiple tour stops all around the USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia (twice in 2016!). Festivals, rock clubs, theatres, bar rooms and houses. Eilen was also invited to celebrate the life and songs of Johnny Cash at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and released. 2016 was also the 10 year anniversary of Boundary County, Eilen’s first studio album. Signature Sounds celebrated the anniversary by releasing Boundary County on vinyl for the first time!

Eilen will very likely release a new record later this year of blues covers.

See you on the road!